A 70 Year Old Woman Eats Whey Powder

The properties of premium whey powder and its uses are very wide. Because whey powder has a valuable composition in its structure. Dear readers .

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Milk proteins are divided into two categories. Caseins and whey.

If we put the skimmed milk under heat at a certain pH, milk casein precipitates. Casein can also be precipitated using renin enzyme.

The protein substance that remains after the precipitation of casein is serum protein or whey, which contains several main components. These components include: beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, immunoglobulins.

The nutritional value of whey protein is high. So that only eggs (among the sources of human nutrition) have such a nutritional value.

The process through which whey is separated, as well as the type of sediment formed and its acidity, play a key role in determining the amount of minerals in whey.

In the process of cheese production, more than half of the milk solids enter the whey, and as a result, less than half of these substances enter the cheese.

Features of whey
Whey proteins are acid resistant but heat sensitive. so that even the heat of pasteurization denatures and destroys them. This is one of the issues in some milk pasteurization processes.

Also, as a result of heat, these proteins create the special smell of ripeness from boiled milk.

One of the important features of this product is its density, solubility, microbial properties, and the presence of crystalline lactose. These features prevent it from absorbing moisture and maintaining its quality.

Whey also contains phosphorus, potassium and calcium.

The global estimate of whey production is around 190 million tons per year. Of this amount, only half of it is used in various processes.

This substance is used in three forms: protein concentrate (wpc), isolated protein and hydrolyzed protein.

Its concentrate contains fat, protein and lactose. Separate protein, which has more protein than concentrate, has minimal fat, cholesterol and lactose.

Hydrolyzed proteins in which the proteins are partially crushed and easier to digest are therefore used for clinical purposes.

Among the most important properties of whey protein concentrate, the following can be mentioned:

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