A Child Went to the Hospital After Eating a Lot of Spices

What is the history of spices and pickles?
History of spices and pickles

The history and use of today spices in tamilnadu goes back to the beginning of humanity. The first countries to use spices in history were Eastern countries.

Indian spices can be mentioned among the best spices in the world. Spices from European countries such as India and Ceylon are widely used in medicine.

Spices and pickles

The first known spice at that time was Indian black pepper.

which was very expensive to sell, called nut pepper. The use of ginger in medieval Europe was one of the common and expensive spices like pepper.

Spices were banned from entering Europe through the Byzantine Empire from the 9th century until now. Portugal, Spain.

England, France and colonial countries such as the Netherlands entered a major competition in the spice trade in the 16th and 17th centuries.

At the beginning of the 16th century, as Avicenna noted, coconut and Mexican vanilla arrived in Europe, and the price of the spice rose steadily in Lisbon until 1560.

Spices were a product of constant value until the late 19th century. At the beginning of the 19th century, the commercial value of spices decreased compared to.

the growth of spice regions and the changing food tastes of the people.

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