A Man Burned the Entire Full Room Carpet of his Wife’s

All kinds of machine made carpets are produced in Iran in many different models and styles. From acrylic carpet to polyester and BCF. In this article.

we will explain the introduction of new types of machine made full room carpet how they are produced etc.

Types of new machine carpets

All kinds of new machine carpets can be produced with many different technologies, materials and densities. One of the most famous machine carpets is woven from acrylic fibers.

Also, the combination of acrylic and polyester is very common today. Natural fibers are more expensive than synthetic fibers.

so less natural fibers are used in machine carpet weaving. In addition the synthetic fibers used in the weaving of machine-made carpets are polyester.

(artificial silk) and polypropylene. Polyester fibers give a shining effect to the carpet and are very similar to silk carpets. This type of new machine carpets because they have less filling like acrylic carpets have gained many fans among people and are more famous.

Production of machine-made carpets in Iran
The best and most famous type of carpet from the types of machine made carpets produced in Iran is the machinemade carpets made with acrylic thread.

With the arrival of the first machines for the production of machine made carpets in Iran in the 40s and 50s most of the carpets were woven with BCF yarns.

but gradually with the arrival of machines with newer and newer technology these types of yarns were replaced by acrylic yarns for weaving carpets. Classic in comb and different densities.

machine woven carpet

The same acrylic yarns and machine carpets have also undergone changes during this period of time until now, and as the comb and density of the carpets increased.

the quality of the fibers and raw materials of the machine carpet texture increased the initial acrylic yarns had problems (problems).

Lint breathing problems for people etc.) that gradually with the advancement of technology these problems were also solved by heat setting operation on acrylic yarns.

Of course apart from producing classic carpets some factories and brands producing machine made carpets in Iran also use acrylic yarn to weave fantasy carpets.

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