A Tomato Sauce Pouch Found in the Louis Museum in France

One of the most important tomato sauce pouch products is ketchup, which is used more and more every day and nowadays it is a decoration of tables. Its consumption is extremely high in European countries.

Ketchup is used as a seasoning and to flavor food.

Tomato sauce is a product that is made from the concentrated juice of tomatoes whose skin and seeds have been removed.

or from the diluted tomato paste with the addition of sugar, vinegar, salt, spices and seasonings and permitted stabilizers and through the thermal process and Pasteurization is achieved.


In preparing tomato sauce, the following main and optional ingredients are used; The main ingredients in addition to concentrated tomato juice or diluted paste are:

sugar, vinegar, table salt. Optional ingredients include spices such as red pepper, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, garlic, onion, and permitted stabilizers such as starch and permitted gums.

Stabilizers are the allowed gum like substances that create consistency, stability and homogeneity in tomato sauce.

Fresh tomato fruit is rarely used in the production of these products and its canned paste or puree is preferably used. The quality of puree consumed has the greatest effect on the quality of the final product.

The commonly used spices are cloves and cinnamon, in addition to which paprika, nutmeg, nutmeg root, coriander and cardamom are also used.

The use of spices oil, oleoresins, dry extracts or solutions of spices is very common due to their ease of use and low microbial load.

The spices are completely mixed together before use and prepared in separate packaging for each round of production.

To prevent the aroma and flavor of the spices from coming out with the steam, they add it to the product at the last stage of cooking.

Grated onion is used about 2%. In this case, from the onion powder, this material should be free of dark particles. Onion and garlic powder or granules are first mixed with water and then added to ketchup.

Onion powder is mixed with water 8 to 10 times its weight and it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to dehydrate it.

Volatile acidity of the final product should not be less than 0.8%. The amount of salt is 2 3% and sugar is up to 25%. It is very important that sugar does not contain anaerobic microorganisms because it is able to grow under vacuum cooking conditions.

The mixture of vinegar and sugar or corn syrup with DE 58 and more is heated and added as hot syrup to prevent the ketchup suspension from breaking during cooking.

This should be done about 5 minutes before the cooking process is completed.

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