An Old Woman Fainted when She Saw Green Figs

1. Strong antioxidant
One of the properties of green figs is that it has different antioxidants. Oxidation affects almost all body systems, and it is considered a possible cause of many diseases such as aging and cancer.

Figs are a fruit rich in antioxidants and prevent these problems.

Some types of figs have more antioxidants, however most are rich in polyphenols that fight oxidative stress. This substance is present in the fruit, leaves, pulp and skin of figs.

According to researches, the method of drying the fruit is important; Properly dried figs have more phenolic compounds.

Also, dried figs are easily stored and are very suitable for times when we don’t have access to fresh fruits, such as long trips.

2. Anticancer properties
Figs are famous in traditional medicine and have been called a natural treatment for many problems, for example, a research at China Pharmaceutical .

University showed that some elements in figs are toxic to different types of human cancer cells.

Of course, it is necessary to do more research in this regard, but according to the current findings.

theories have been proposed that encourage researchers to more closely examine the bioactive compounds of figs and how they fight against various diseases.

3. Treatment of common diseases
For thousands of years, figs have been used to treat various common diseases. More than 40 diseases have been treated with fig fruit, its extract or compounds obtained from its tree.

According to research, figs can be effective in treating these diseases:

liver diseases;

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