An Old Woman Fainted when She Sw Her Sons Casual Leather Shoes

If you buy a good quality shoe, it will probably be made of casual leather shoes . Most original shoes and popular brands like Caterpillar use genuine leather in their products.

Leather is not only incredibly durable, but also very stylish due to its beautiful array of natural textures.

In addition, the leather mold conforms to the shape of your foot, but at the same time provides more breathability than synthetic materials.

However, consumers hesitate when buying leather shoes, especially suede and nubuck, because there is a perception that the care of leather shoes requires high maintenance.

and it is impossible to keep nubuck products clean! This is a misconception. In this article, we will teach you the correct way to maintain leather so that you don’t deprive yourself of the pleasure of being stylish because of the fear of damage.

Getting to know the types of leather shoes
The first step to take care of your leather shoes is to know the material of your shoes.

In general, leather is classified into three categories: heavy, semi heavy and light leather, and generally leather shoes are heavy leather.

In the following, we will learn about different types of leather shoes in different styles:

sport shoe

Today, sports or leather sports shoes are no longer used in competitions, but because of their beautiful appearance and their comfort, they are used for daily us.

workplace and special occasions. Suede leather is usually used to produce this model of shoes, which requires constant care, but at the same time, they are very soft and flexible.

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