Artificial Leather in Pakistan that is Good for the Skin

What are the ways to distinguish natural artificial leather in pakistan from synthetic leather and why is it important? These questions are going to be answered in this article.

Artificial leather is one of the products that looks very similar to natural leather, besides its cheaper price, it has taken a significant share of the leather market.

and besides this, it has been able to overcome the shortage of several products compared to the market’s needs. raise

This issue has prevented natural leather from becoming rare and increasing its price more than before.

So far so good, the set and synthetic leather have no problems.

But the basis of our discussion starts from the fact that some greedy and profit-seeking people try to sell you artificial leather instead of natural leather and thus earn more profit.

In such a situation, it is necessary to be able to distinguish natural leather from artificial leather in order to avoid this method of fraud.


What is synthetic leather?
Artificial leather
Artificial leather is a product made of chemical and industrial materials, which, using industrial processes, looks similar to natural leather produced from animal skin.

Other names by which synthetic leather is known are: industrial leather, foam, vegetable leather, bialeferengi, etc.

Raw materials for making artificial leather
Two materials are widely used to make synthetic leather:

Polyurethane and polyester

Products made using polyurethane have a very similar appearance to natural leather.

In addition, the products made with this material have high endurance and flexibility.

Therefore, it can be said that artificial leather made with polyurethane is the highest quality product of its kind.

Polyester is also mostly used in the lower layers to increase the lifespan and efficiency of synthetic leather.

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