Avoid Foot Pain with Kernels Pistachio

The recipe for making a pistachio mask for hair care
It is interesting to know that the benefits of kernels pistachio for hair are not only obtained by eating it, but you can use it in the form of a mask on your hair!

Yes, it’s true, you can enhance the beauty of your dull hair with a pistachio mask.

In order to use pistachios for hair care, it is enough to grind unsalted roasted pistachios; Then add drops of coconut oil to it and mix well until it is uniform.

Apply the prepared mask on the entire scalp and hair; Then spread the mask on your hair by massaging from bottom to top for 5 minutes.

For a few minutes, cover the plastic mask on your hair two hours before taking a shower, wash the hair with lukewarm water and suitable shampoo, use this mask once a week.

Of course, you can also use pistachio oil as a hair mask. You can use pistachio oil to treat various hair problems; Because this oil is for dry, damaged and colored hair.

you just have to massage the entire scalp and hair with pistachio oil, let the mask stay on your head for an hour. When washing your hair.

make sure to wash with cool water and use sulfur free shampoo for dry hair. Use pistachio oil mask twice a week to really feel the change in dry and frizzy hair.

Frequently asked questions about the benefits of pistachios for hair

1. To enjoy the benefits of pistachios for hair, should I eat raw or roasted pistachios?
According to researchers, salt-free pistachios are good for the body, including skin and hair health.

2. How much of these nuts should I consume throughout the day to get the nutritious vitamins in pistachios?
Eating 28 grams per day will do wonders to strengthen your hair.

3. Can I use pistachios topically on my hair?
Yes, using pistachio oil as well as pistachio powder as a hair mask has a tremendous effect on hair growth and strengthening.

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