Best Edible Ground berry Varieties

The best types of edible ground berry varieties can be obtained from reputable distributors and dealers. Demand for this product is high in Europe. Traders can buy these products in bulk and export them to different countries.

Best Edible Ground berry Varieties

What is the Best Ground berry?

What is the Best Ground berry?	The Physalis is a kind of fruit that is characterized as a small berry, round, fleshy, yellow sweet which can be between 1.25 and 2 cm diameter. 

With the peculiarity of being covered by a layer formed by five sepals that protects it against insects, birds, pathogens and extreme weather conditions.

It is a fruit originating in South America that has been known in Europe since the time of Christopher Columbus. It is currently grown in areas of countries with warm temperatures, including southern Spain .

Due to its “exotic” presence and its excellent nutritional qualities (high fiber content, vitamins A, B and C, Iron, rich in minerals, especially calcium, iron and phosphorus), it is a fruit that has conquered the markets of almost everything the world.

The physalis benefits are as follow:

  • it is low in calories, but it also contains a good amount of Vitamin C, B3, B1, A and calcium. Being a great option when choosing a snack.
  • This fruit contains a high amount of vitamin B, this vitamin complex works very well in DNA cell repair, so by consuming physalis daily you are helping the structural improvement of your body.

Where to Buy the best Ground berry?

Where to Buy the best Ground berry?physalis fruit is very popular in European and American countries due to its unique taste. Physalis is a native Amazonian tropical fruit found in Africa and Asia.

The plants of this fruit grow up to a height of 1 meter and have small velvety creams with a 3-ear cream color. Its fruit is orange-yellow and yellow. Each plant is able to produce 2 or 5 kilos of fruit if stored properly. This unique fruit, with a yellow-orange color, is about the same size as the jujube.

The desire of the Iranian market for special and new fruits, such as avocado, aloe vera, and etc has motivated  producers to produce new fruits: the newest fruit that you can find in the Iranian market is called Physalis, although this The product is produced in many parts of the world in the open air, but its production in Iran, especially in Tehran province, has begun with cultivation in greenhouses.

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