Best Quality Wild ground cherry for Sale

wild ground cherry is also used in the manufacture of cosmetics, and its use has a great effect on the freshness and succulence of the skin. ground cherry protects the human body against free radicals that cause diseases such as cancer, heart attack, prostate, asthma and allergies.

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Best Quality Wild ground cherry for Sale

Best Quality Wild ground cherry Properties

Best Quality Wild ground cherry Properties

ground cherry is native plant of temperate warm and subtropical regions of the world. It is a herb that is almost like a tomato. the fruit is orange, similar in size and shape to that of a small tomato. It is a new and luxurious fruit in Iran and even in many countries.

For this reason, it is sold at high prices in Iran. Also, many countries, including the Persian Gulf countries, are requesting import of ground cherry from Iran and exporting of manufactured products can greatly contribute to the country’s economic development .

Since ground cherry has a long shelf life after being harvested in the open air, there is little risk in exporting this product and making it a healthier destination. ground cherry is a low-grade plant and suitable for subtropical climates.

Although cultivars of this plant grow in the colder mountains and regions, they are cultivated indoors for commercial and economic production, indoors, under plastic or canopy, and can be cultivated on farmland in particular.

ground cherry requires very little pruning unless the plant is on a scaffold. for pruning the growing shoots need to be cut a little.Today, consumers are keen on maintaining health and Cause disease control through proper nutrition. 

The main benefits of ground cherry are nutritional components and bio active compounds. In recent years, given the increasing global population and the high demand for nutrients in countries and the amount of fruit and vegetable waste, scientific and practical approaches to increasing the production of food products in the area under cultivation have been achieved, increasing the shelf life of fruit and preventing an increase.

Their lesions seem to be necessary. Since the price of 100 grams of ground cherry in the world market is about one dollar and also the most expensive fruit in the market. therefore, the use of materials that increase fruit size and weight as well as assist in post-harvest retention can be cost-effective in addition to increasing market share and increasing productivity per unit area. Use of cytokineses improves berry fruit size in different ways. 

Thiamine is one of the potent synthetic cytokines whose effects on the size and quality of different fruit types have been clear and dramatic in numerous studies.You can find information on dried ground cherries and ground cherry varieties sites on various websites.

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