Buy cape gooseberry tomato at wholesale price

cape gooseberry tomato, is a small, nutritious fruit from the berry family that has many benefits for the body. It is available in green, yellow-white, pink, cape gooseberry tomato, or dark purple. And their taste is sour and sweet.Grapes help lower blood sugar in people with diabetes, lower blood cholesterol and high blood pressure, and are helpful in preventing and treating cancer.

Buy cape gooseberry tomato at wholesale price

Purchasing cape gooseberry tomato at best price

Purchasing cape gooseberry tomato at best price Major sale gooseberry in Iran due to productivity and fast yield of summer crops is one of the most attractive and large agricultural markets in the field of export of goods has been able to make a large share in the income of non-oil exports of Iran from buying and selling tomatoes. Brought. The high quality of this Iranian export product has made the regional demand for bulk purchase of export tomatoes high. Currently, large companies are involved in the wholesale supply and sale of this export product and sending it to regional countries such as the UAE, Are gooseberries related to tomatoes, and Russia.
Due to the diversity of land and greenhouse cultivation as well as the climate in the country, the harvest of this product continues in almost all months of the year and the sale of this product continues and many buyers of exported tomatoes to supply and buy this product to send to others. Countries try and send the purchased product immediately to the final destination. The buyer of the exported tomato Physalis peruvianapay attention to points such as the maturity of the load, the use of toxins, and the type of packaging so that the load reaches the destination with the best quality.

Export Data for cape gooseberry tomato in 2019

Export Data for cape gooseberry tomato in 2019Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and lycopene. Today, this fruit is consumed in various ways, raw or as one of the ingredients for food, sauces, and beverages, and is an important part of the diet of people in many countries. In general, the cultivation of this plant covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout three million hectares, which is about one-third of the total area dedicated to overgrown cultivation in the world.

Although tomatoes are considered a fruit in botany, they are often referred to as vegetables in agriculture.

Tomatoes belong to the genus Potato and are perennial plants.

Due to its economic importance, this plant is the subject of many types of research and is known as a model plant in genetic science. Research into the plant in 1990 led to the production of the first type of transgenic drug allowed for consumption and trade in the United States.

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