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Three-dimensional and two-dimensional lanterns are also widely used to enhance the space, which you can use next to the fireplace or sofas. This model of lanterns is also very useful for designing store spaces, ceremonial halls and wedding ceremonies and is considered as one of the decorative Chinese lantern Fruit in modern decoration.

Buy Chinese lantern Fruit at best price

The rational price for buying Chinese lantern Fruit

The rational price for buying Chinese lantern Fruit  Red Physalis plant is one of the non-edible physalis species and is used for decorative and medicinal purposes. Cultivate ornamental uses. Red Physalis is an herbaceous plant and in some parts of Iran it grows as a car and belongs to the Solanaceae family. If you’ve ever seen Chinese lanterns, you’ve come to realize that they resemble red facials, so you’ll understand why the plant is named after Chinese lanterns.

The following are some of the images. Red Physalis is in the category of slightly Chinese lantern fruit edible fruits and is not very dangerous and should not be consumed in excess. Red Physalis or Chinese lantern plant is propagated by seeds and cuttings.

In seed cultivation, after preparing the soil, soak the seed cultivation surface in lukewarm water for 24 hours and then plant them. After planting the soil and pour soft fertilizer on it and irrigate so that the soil surface is moist. Keep the soil moist until after germination. After a while, the plant will germinate and begin to grow.

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Shopping Centers for Chinese lantern Fruit  Chinese lantern is a beautiful and ornamental plant that is cultivated for non-edible purposes, including ornamental and medicinal. The plant is propagated by seeds and cuttings. It is a herbaceous plant. This plant has beautiful flowers in different colors. Red fissures are herbaceous and perennial plants that are grown in most areas for one year. It is a broadleaf plant. It is mostly beautiful and is cultivated for this purpose.

The flowers are beautiful in red, white, yellow, orange, and 3 colors, which create a rainbow of colors when they Chinese lantern fruit benefits, and show us a beautiful view. The upper part of the plant is a yellow Chinese lantern.

The flowers of this plant open like a bell. The red fruit is located inside the curtain of the plant, which is mostly used medicinally. It usually has a thin, yet long stem. The leaves are green and relatively soft. The plant is evergreen. Its flowers hang like a Chinese lantern, which is why it is called a Chinese lantern. At present, there are various lanterns in the festivals, apart from the traditional ones. Modern technology is used in the construction of lanterns, so that people can see lanterns with music, with colored lamps inside it and so on. The shape of modern lanterns has changed a lot. These shapes can include cartoon characters, Chinese zodiac animals, and even computer games that allow visitors to experience a new and fresh feeling.

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