Coleslaw with Golden Raisins Cause Dementia

One of the types of coleslaw with golden raisins that you must have seen in mixed nuts is sour raisins; Attractive yellow raisins that give a special charm to the nut dish with their golden color.

Acid is a type of acid that accelerates the drying process of grapes, and of course, as a preservative, it also prevents raisins from spoiling.

Although the properties of sour raisins are undeniable, it is better not to overdo it due to the presence of chemicals.

Properties of sour raisins
b. Properties of dry sun raisin or piloui raisin
One of the traditional methods of drying grapes is drying them in the sun. Seedless grapes are dried in the sun and turn brown or dark yellow. Dried sun raisin, which is also known as piloui raisin.

has many properties and is considered one of the most popular types of raisins. In some cases, the grapes are dried in the shade, and in these cases their color tends to be green.

Asgari grapes are usually used to prepare dry shade raisins or green raisins.

Properties of piloui raisins
J. Properties of raisins
Raisin is a raisin made from Shahani grapes or Majlisi black grapes.

This type of raisin has seeds and has higher sugar than regular raisins. The fleshiness of currants compared to other raisins and the taste and properties of currants for health have made them a very popular dried fruit.

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