Colored Apples that Made the Young Woman’s Face Wrinkle

What is a healthy apple? It is a mark with blue and green colors that has a design similar to an apple. This mark is visible on all edible products in Iran.

The existence of this mark is a kind of assurance for the consumer about the health of the product.

Sib Salamat is a mark of product safety and health, which is necessarily awarded to products, the necessary condition to receive Sib Salamat is that the product in question has completed the process of obtaining a manufacturing license from the Ministry of Health.

Medicine and Medical Education and meets the conditions specified in the instructions. and regulations compiled by the Food and Drug Organization.

The main goal of the Sib Salamat logo is to improve the level of health in the society by encouraging the consumption of products containing Sib Salamat, which is possible through the modification of the consumption pattern and increasing the awareness of consumers about food.

Next to this sign, a table has been placed to explain the features of the product, so that people can use the product according to the table and their physical conditions and personal needs.

Also, the consumer can have peace of mind in using products with the Apple Health logo in terms of safety and health, and in case of any problems or complications of using these products, they can complain to the manufacturers and distributors of these products by referring to the Food and Drug Organization. slow

apple colors is very useful for the skin and its daily use makes the skin white and fresh.

healthy apple:

Characteristics of the apple of health symbol
Among the prominent features used in the design of the Sib Salamat emblem, the following can be mentioned:

The design of the apple of health sign was done considering that in Iranian culture, apple is a symbol of health.
The symbol is designed using two colors, green and blue. Green color symbolizes health and blue color represents peace and security.
The design of the symbol center looks similar to an eye and represents the supervision and control of the food and drug organization on the health of the produced products.
The left side of the logo is designed with the letter f, which is the first letter of the English word (food) and the right side is shown with the letter D, which is the first letter of the English word (drug).
A green leaf can be seen above the logo, which is a symbol of the growing policy of the organization and the improvement process of the Food and Drug Organization.
At the bottom of the logo is IFDA, which is an abbreviation of the English word (Iran Food and Drug Administration).
In the lower part of the logo, the words of the Food and Drug Organization can be seen as the implementer of the health apple project.

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