Columbian golden berry For Sale

Columbian golden berry is immature green and changes from golden to orange as it matures and becomes soft and shiny. The properties of Columbian golden berry include weight loss, diabetes prevention, bone and heart health, kidney, liver, flu treatment and strengthening the immune system.

Columbian golden berry For Sale

Buy columbian golden berry at best price

Buy columbian golden berry at best price To buy golden berries, you can go to a variety of websites, or by visiting shopping centers, you can easily buy this popular and delicious fruit.

This fruit is known as golden berry, winter cherry and doll behind the curtain and many other names and has different prices all over the world. golden berry is also used as an ornamental plant.
What are golden berries from Columbia؟
 The golden berry is native to South America and areas such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile.
Some people say that this fruit can be planted and harvested anywhere in the world where tomatoes grow, so it has different prices.

Nutritional facys about columbian golden berry

Nutritional facys about columbian golden berry The Health Benefits of   Golden Berries:
Golden berries contain plant compounds called antioxidants. Antioxidants protect against free radical damage. These molecular damage is associated with aging and diseases such as cancer. Therefore, consuming this fruit can greatly reduce the effects of aging and prevent diseases. To date, studies have identified 34 unique compounds in the fruit that may be beneficial to health.

In addition, phenolic compounds in golden berries have been able to stop the growth of breast and colon cancer cells in laboratory studies. Another laboratory study found that fresh and dried golden berry extract increased cell life and prevented the formation of compounds that caused oxidative damage. The skin of this fruit is almost three times more antioxidant than pulp. In addition, its antioxidant levels peak when the fruit is ripe.

One of the compounds in this fruit, called anolide, may have anti-inflammatory effects on the body and potentially protect the body against colon cancer.

One study found that consuming golden berry  peel  extract reduced inflammation in the body of mice with inflammatory bowel disease. In addition, rats treated with this extract had fewer inflammatory markers in their body tissues. It is true that these studies are not comparable to human studies, but laboratory studies performed on human cells have shown promising effects on the effect of this fruit on inflammation.

There are no human studies on the effect of golden berries on the function of the immune system, but laboratory studies have chosen several advantages for this fruit.

Studies on human cells suggest that golden berries may help regulate the immune system. The fruit has multiple  that block the release of some inflammatory markers in the immune system.

In addition, golden berries are a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C plays an important role in the proper response of the immune system.

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