Cup Cake in Mumbai Caused an Employee to be Fired

Cupcake is one of the types of delicious, convenient cup cake in mumbai as well as a small and single cup cake, which can be prepared and made in cups or small molds for one person.

f you want to have a delicious and simple evening meal with your family.

we suggest homemade cup cake with a freshly brewed and fragrant tea. So, continue with the cooking magazine Alles Pies to learn how to cook cupcakes.

first stage:

At the beginning of the cupcake recipe, mix sugar and eggs well and for about three to four minutes in an electric mixer.

How to make cupcakes

second stage:

At this stage, add butter to the mixture and stir well for five to ten minutes until the mixture is completely uniform.

third level:

Add the grated orange peel to the mixture and after mixing well, it’s time to add the baking powder. Sift the flour twice and add half of it to the cake batter; Then stir for about one to two minutes.

How to make cupcakes

Fourth step:

Add the previously prepared milk to the mixture and after it is completely combined with the other items, pour the rest of the flour into the cake batter.

Finally, in the last step, add the natural edible colors of Ales Pies to the cake composition, depending on your taste.

How to make cupcakes

Add milk and flour

How to make cupcakes

The fifth step:

Then pour your colorful cake mixture into the mold and remember that the oven should be preheated a quarter of an hour before placing it in the oven. Place the molds in a hot oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

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