Each of Reishi Mushroom Per Kg Caused the Death of a Child

What is Ganoderma mushroom?
Ganoderma mushroom with the scientific name Ganoderma Lucidum is a type of red mushroom. Contrary to popular belief, not all red reishi mushroom per kg are poisonous.

Ganoderma mushroom is one of the most complete foods in the world, which has a lot of nutritional and therapeutic value. Ganoderma Lucidum is a branch of umbrella mushrooms that grows naturally on wood and tree trunks. Ganoderma with about 80 different species is a wild plant in nature.

which these days is also produced in mushroom farms with special techniques. Ganoderma has a wooden texture, shiny and polished, and looks very different from button mushroom.

The organ part of the plant is similar to the human kidney and is brown-red in color, which becomes lighter at the edges of the mushroom.

Ganoderma mushroom has been used in East Asian traditional medicine for thousands of years. Genoderma as Reishi mushroom is one of the respected herbs in traditional Japanese medicine.

Japanese people call it Reishi, which means the king of medicinal plants. Ganoderma or lingzhi mushroom in China is a symbol of health and longevity along with happiness and luck in life and has.

been used for medical treatment for more than 2000 years. Ganoderma was once used only for emperors and nobles and was not available to the general public. In ancient times.

rich people used ganoderma drink with the hope of immortality and peace. In ancient China, Ganoderma was mentioned with titles such as “plant of spiritual empowerment” and “ten-year mushroom”.

In ancient Chinese belief, drinking a potion of ganoderma brings immortality and longevity.

Currently, Ganoderma is known all over the world and in traditional medicine, this amazing plant is used in the treatment of many physical and mental diseases and is a healing potion.

In the following, more information about the properties of Ganoderma and its nutritional value is considered for those interested.

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