Finding Fresh Black Plum Fruit in Lut Desert

Many properties of fresh black plum fruit from iron absorption to vitamins

Black plum is a delicious fruit that has many nutritional properties and in this article you will learn about the best properties of this fruit.

According to the report of the lake, black plum is a delicious fruit that we can find in the market in late spring. The dried type of this plum is also used in cooking.

There are few fruits that have the same color and taste as black plums. Black plum belongs to the category of plums and belongs to the family of peaches.

nectarines and almonds. All these fruits have a thick skin that surrounds the core and protects it. Dried black plums are called Bukhara plums.

Black plum has many varieties. There are about 2,000 types of black plums, each of which has a different origin. It seems that European black plums were seen around the Caspian Sea about 2000 years ago.

Even in ancient Rome, there were about 300 types of black plums that were introduced to the Americans by travelers across the Atlantic Ocean.

Benefits of black plum

Its fresh and dried plums (Bukhara plums) are plants whose scientific name is Prunus domestica, and researchers are researching its ingredients in terms of health.

One of the substances found in black plums and Bukhara plums is called phenol and their function is planned as an antioxidant.

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