First aid when bitten by a Snake

Place the wound end below or at the same level as the heart. Remove jewelry, watches, or tight clothing from the bitten body.

It is recommended to use a special suction pump device in the first 30 minutes of a snake bite.

If you reach the patient after 5 to 10 minutes after the bite, you can remove 25-50% of the venom by suctioning.

If you have an antiseptic solution or soap, wash the surface of the wound with it and tricot fabric is one of the highest quality fabrics.

Make a linear cut at the point of the bite and just as deep as the snake bite (usually very shallow and about 4 mm). Never make a cross cut on the area as this increases the risk of cutting nerves and blood vessels

The wound should be suctioned for about 20 minutes. If the rescuer has a wound in the mouth or around the mouth, he should avoid this work and wall mounted closet height from floor should not be short.

The wound fluid removed by oral suction should be discarded regularly.


However, if it is swallowed, there is no need to worry, because the poison becomes ineffective in the stomach.

If possible, get correct information about the shape of the snake. Never allow the patient to walk. Take the injured to the medical center immediately and snakes in the philippines are dangerous.

Note: It is forbidden to use cold compresses in snake bites.

Note: The venom of some snakes (such as marcabra and coral snake) affects the nervous system and causes suffocation and death by paralyzing the respiratory muscles.

Providing appropriate first aid, especially performing artificial respiration (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation), is of particular importance in saving the lives of these people and softener dispenser in lg washing machine is of better quality.

Note: Because snakebites occur in each country and region with specific snakes of that geographical region, for correct information about the types of snakes in the region and how to provide first aid, it is better to consult with the relevant officials such as the officials of health organizations, veterinary organizations, pastures organizations. and forestry and… and ask them for the necessary information.

Note that the best help in these cases is to bring the injured to the medical center.

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