Getting familiar with physalis fruit benefits

physalis fruit benefits is a type of fruit that is characterized by being a small, round, fleshy, yellow and sweet berry that can be between 1.25 and 2 cm in diameter. With the peculiarity of being covered by a layer formed by five sepals that protects it against insects, birds, pathogens and extreme weather conditions.

It is a fruit originating in South America that has been known in Europe since the time of Christopher Columbus. It is currently grown in areas of countries with warm temperatures, including southern Spain.

Getting familiar with physalis fruit benefits

Exciting facts about physalis fruit benefits

Exciting facts about physalis fruit benefits Due to its “exotic” presence and its excellent nutritional qualities (high fiber content, vitamins A, B and C, Iron, rich in minerals, especially calcium, iron and phosphorus), it is a fruit that has conquered the markets of almost everything the world.

It is ideal for taking alone, canned, jams and all kinds of culinary preparations, although I am sure that you have only found it as a “simple” decorative element in desserts, cakes or ice cream.

They are usually presented in small baskets, with about 40 physalis each, and if you have not yet tried or used it in your kitchen, do not hesitate to tell us about the experience.

Name the most important physalis fruit benefits

Name the most important physalis fruit benefits The Physalis Facts or alquequenje has a curious shell with a texture similar to paper.

What vitamins are in Physalis

Fruits are not reserved just for dessert. Although they are ideal to put the finishing touch to meals, there are many who wonder if the fruit at the end of the menu makes you fat. Since it is essential to take five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, a good way to achieve this is to include the first ones in the main preparations and not just as decoration. The most avant-garde restaurants have long been taking fruits as one more ingredient for their salty main dishes. Now is the time to take it to the home stove and enjoy recipes like spinach and grapefruit salad or a refreshing cherry and watermelon gazpacho. One of the exotic fruits with the most potential outside of sweet preparations is physalis or alquequenje, an exotic product with many benefits.

This orange colored fruit comes from warm areas of South America. It has a citrus flavor that, despite being assimilated to strawberry and pineapple, is ideal for salads and other savory dishes. It also highlights its coverage of paper peel, which hides the small fruit. If its appearance catches your attention, even better are its properties.

Rich in vitamin C. Its orange color already shows the properties it offers since each food has some according to their color. Therefore, it is rich in vitamin C, which helps activate collagen and supports the functions of the immune system. Also vitamin A. Physalis is also rich in vitamin A, that is, in carotenoids that are good for maintaining correct eye health, even more so if you spend long hours at the computer. This complex also helps prevent degenerative diseases. Accelerates uric acid excretion. This can cause problems like gout when it accumulates in some joints. Keeps the nervous system healthy. Its content in vitamin B makes the nervous system work properly. Anti-inflammatory. It contains antioxidants that, in addition to purifying the blood, work as anti-inflammatories. This inflammation can eventually cause muscle aches and other ailments. – Go to the health supplement

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