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Physalis peruviana, a plant variety of the genus Physalis in the nightshade family Solanaceae, has its beginning in Peru. The plant and its fruit are commonly asked Cape gooseberry, goldenberry, and physalis,
among various regional names. The history of Physalis cultivation in
South America can be drawn to the Inca.
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gold berries tomato wholesale suppliers

Is golden berry a superfood?

Is golden berry a superfood? You may wonder is golder berry a superfood? in answer to this question we should say Goldenberries are like
raisins and desiccated cranberries’ hip younger sister: they turn in the
Peruvian mountains, have a distinctive taste and are an admired “superfood” in some groups. Compared to other types of products, golden berries tend to have lower sugar levels. so, we can’t consider them as a real superfood but, we can consider them a type of food between normal and super. they have a lot of benefits for your body and they can help to increase your health. if you find some good type of them that have the best quality, you can be sure that you will receive a lot of benefits if you put them on your weekly diet.

What type of fruit is a Goldenberry?

What type of fruit is a Goldenberry? gold berries tomato is closely related to the tomatillo and the Chinese lamp, also members of the genus Physalis. As a branch of the plant family Solanaceae, it is more distantly recounted to a large number of edible plants, including tomato, eggplant, and other members of the nightshades. Despite its name, it is not botanically related to other gooseberries. gold berries tomato peruviana is annual in temperate locations but permanent in the tropics. As a perennial, it progresses into a diffusely branched shrub reaching
1–1.6 m (3.3–5.2 ft) in altitude, with spreading branches and velvety,
heart-shaped skins.

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