Ground cherry fruit Exporters

Due to its high therapeutic properties for various diseases and its deliciousness, cherries are in great demand. Due to the popularity of this fruit in the world, exporting cherries is very profitable. ground cherry fruit are one of the summer fruit  in different colors, which usually has a white color when the tree is in bloom. Today, in addition to fresh consumption, you can use dried cherry fruit as a fruit juice.

Ground cherry fruit Exporters

Ground cherry fruit Exports to the World

Ground cherry fruit Exports to the World	Each year, as many as 1,000 tons are packaged for export, about 50 percent of which is exported to Russia and the rest to neighboring countries and the Gulf states. One of the best export cherries in Iran is the Neishabour single-leaf cherry, which enters the cold storage in an 8 kg basket after washing with the machine. After drying and doubting, it is placed in the nano-cellophane and basket basket. After palletizing the product, it is loaded in the refrigerator machine and transported to the destination.

The special recommendation of the company’s experts is to be careful when buying ground cherry companion plants, because cherries are worm-eaten in some areas, and on the other hand, due to their high cost, if the healthy product does not reach its destination, it will cause very heavy losses to the exporter. Unfortunately, in the last few years, due to the lack of use of quality control specialists, many goods have been exported and have not met the required standards, and have caused heavy losses to the exporter.

Global Ground cherry fruit Exporters

Global Ground cherry fruit Exporters Simultaneously with the Neishabour cherries in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, the harvest of cherries begins, which is a serious competitor to the Iranian cherries in the Russian market. On the other hand, due to having preferential tariffs and being close to Russia, it has a higher competitiveness. After Neyshabur cherry, which starts in early July and continues until late in the year, Urmia cherry is of high quality and has many customers for export. Iran’s other cherries are in the Zashk region of Mashhad, whose export volume is low and will continue to be exported until the end of August.

If you want to buy and export cherries, consult the experts of Payam Tejarat Negah Sabz Company. ground cherry varieties are one of the summer fruit kernels with enough meat and in different colors, usually the flowering tree has a white color at that time. Due to its high therapeutic properties for various diseases and its deliciousness, cherries are in great demand. Fortunately, Iran is one of the third countries in the world in the production of different varieties of this fruit, which is scattered in different regions, which has been able to introduce different varieties of this fruit to international markets.

This fruit is propagated and harvested in different parts of the country in different parts of the country. Black beggar cherry, which is one of the best-selling cherries, has the highest harvest, and after this variety is red cherry, which is mostly harvested in the provinces of Khorasan and northwestern provinces. Pink and yellow cherries are also among the products of gardeners, each of which has its own potential customers at the domestic and foreign markets.

Exported cherries are usually harvested from orchards in early July and packed in 8 kg plastic baskets. Observing the caliber of this fruit is also very important for export, because most countries, especially Russia, which is one of our good customers, pay a lot of attention to the type of packaging and the quality of the products. Our company is proud to supply and export sorting of fruit and packaging of this valuable fruit, which is of special importance among Iranian fruits, for foreign markets.

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