Imperial Leather Talcum Powder which is Widely Used in the Cooking Industry

has various properties and for this imperial leather talcum powder reason various industries use it in the production of their products according to their application.

Among the most important properties of this material, the following can be mentioned:

Luster property , Soft property , Chemical immobility , High dielectric strength , High thermal conductivity , Low electrical conductivity , Oil absorption , Fatty and oily talc , Insoluble in water , Insoluble in weak acids , Not explosive , Not flammable.

Application of talcum powder in various industries

Today, the use of talcum powder in various industries has increased due to its many properties.

Many people use it in various products without even hearing the name of this substance. In the following, we will mention the most important industries in which talcum powder has opened its foothold.


The use of talc powder in the ceramic industry

In the ceramic industry, talcum powder is widely used due to its unique advantages.

In this industry, the use of talc improves ceramic resistance against various fractures, uniform distribution of ceramic materials throughout the body, and also reduces production costs.

On the other hand, the whiteness of this powder conveys a special visual beauty to these products.

Application of talc powder in paint industry

The paint industry is another industry where talcum powder is used a lot.

Whiteness and brightness are among the most important advantages that have made the use of this powder an integral part of this industry.

Also, due to the inherent properties of talcum powder, its use makes the obtained color smooth and smooth.

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