Latest Physalis species and varieties

Physalis also known as ground berries are loved by anyone who tastes it for first time. in this article, we are going to talk about physalis species and physalis fruits, also if you want to know more information about this species and it varieties even how does physalis benefits your health, read the following.

Latest Physalis species and varieties

Newest Physalis species and Varieties

Newest Physalis species and Varieties	Everybody knows the fruit called physalis, the small plant with the reddish calyx that looks like a Chinese lamp. The name physalis means bladder, which relates to the shape of the calyx of the Chinese lantern plant, also identified as Jew’s cherry. But the physalis has several other names and species and types beside common ground berry the species can be named as Jew’s cherry Uchuva, Poha berry, Cape gooseberry, Pok Pok, Pichu berry, Inca berry, Giant ground cherry, Peruvian groundcherry, Peruvian cherry, Husk tomatoes, Goldenberry, Aztec berry, Ras Bhari, Aguaymanto, Uvilla, Pineapple ground cherry, Physalis and many other types. It is not obvious exactly how many others. Some hundred to two hundred varieties of physalis occur only in North and South America and southern Europe, in the southern parts of the warm and moderate regions there are a lot of physalises to be fond each are unique and can fit into the names above or create a new species for themself.

The origin of the names and types is also not always obvious. For instance, more than one story exists about the name Cape gooseberry. One story tells that a Portuguese person brought this plant to South Africa, where the physalis was capable to grow and still grows. According to the other story, this has nothing to do with the Cape of Good Hope but is obtained from caped gooseberry a variety of the covering around the fruit. The little-used name Jew’s cherry is thought to address from the middle ages and to be based on the shape of the lantern enclosing the fruit. It is symbolic of the shape and color of the head coverings of Jewish people of that time. our website supplies and sells these unusual, attractive berries under their scientific name of physalis. if you wish to know more about them or you wish to buy them at bulks contact us today we will be happy to help.

Newest Methods of Physalis species Production

Newest Methods of Physalis species ProductionGrowing physalis is not a hard job but the right condition is critical, physalis required a dry and warm environment to grow, even if the right condition were met it still required attention. but you still can grow some in your garden if you want, but don’t expect them to have bunch of fruits.

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