Learn the Secrets of Plant Growth uUsing white Glazed Tiles

Tiles, like other materials, have quality ratings. The first-class white glazed tiles does not have any distortion, lip filling, unevenness and integrated design.

In order to control surface distortion and roughness, depending on the workload, we randomly stick a number of tiles to each other from the opposite side, if there is an empty space, one of the tiles has surface distortion and roughness.

Also, the corners of the tiles must be completely vertical and have the same dimensions.

If we use second or third grade tiles, we will see that there is a possibility of breakage and cracking during the stages of transportation, implementation, leveling and fastening.

Also, in the operation stage, if the tile is hit, it is possible to spill and break it.

Glazed tiles are usually used in environments where hygiene needs to be regularly observed, such as kitchens, bathrooms, isolated rooms, etc., because it is relatively easy to clean.


Unglazed tiles are not usually used much except when a terracotta look is needed.

Tile water absorption is a very important factor in tile performance and quality. A practical way to check the tile’s water absorption is to pour a few drops of water on it and see how long it takes to absorb the water.

It should be noted that ceramic water absorption is less than body tiles. It should be noted that body tiles should not be used in outdoor spaces because they have high water absorption.

Before tiling, the area must be free of waste materials such as straw, plaster and soil, plaster, lime or any other type of mortar.

Before grouting, the walls and tiles must be wet so that they do not absorb the grout water. The execution of tiling should start from the place that is in the diameter of the entrance door of the place.

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