Major broadcast of peruvian cherry

Cherry and sour cherry trees were first scattered wildly in the area between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea and later spread to other areas by propagation and transmission factors. Our studies show that today there are a large number of wild cherries in the Peruvian cherry and Moradatpeh areas of Hamedan.

Major broadcast of peruvian cherry

What are peruvian cherry used for?

What are peruvian cherry used for? About 18 million tons of cherries are produced annually in the world, and Iran is the third-largest producer of this seeded fruit in the world with an annual production of 200,000 tons.
According to the Agricultural Reporter of the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), Turkey is currently the first producer of cherries and the United States is the
ground cherry producer of this fruit in the world, followed by Italy and Spain in the fourth and fifth ranks.

Alamut region in Qazvin province is considered as the center of cherry production in the country and Semnan, Tehran, East Azarbaijan, Hamedan, and Lorestan provinces are the top five provinces in the country in cherry production with an average harvest of 12 tons per hectare.

According to a faculty member of the Seed Breeding Research Institute, Qazvin province was the world’s largest producer of cherries until the early 1980s, but unfortunately, due to some problems with crop operations, nutrition management, pests and diseases, the province ranks first in cherry production. Third in the world.

Where are peruvian cherry grown?

We all enjoy eating fresh cherries on a hot summer day. These fruits are low in fat and high in fiber, and if you accept herbal remedies, know that chronic goiter is largely controlled by eating cherries, and so on.

It acts as in the urinary tract and digestive tract and kills stones. It is recommended for people with diabetes and arthritis because it is a fruit. It has little starch and its sugar is not harmful to diabetics. Cherries have many properties, and regulating the body’s sleep cycle and preventing premature aging are some of them. Cherry is also a nerve painkiller, laxative, cleanses the blood and cleanses the stomach, and a cherry decoction is used in experimental medicine to expel bladder stones and clear the urinary tract. The fruit is one of the most widely consumed physalis fruit items in any family. Buying fruit is not an easy task. The family’s fruit and leek shopping range is not small. Carrying it is a story in itself.Our studies show that today there are a large number of wild cherries in the Peruvian cherry and Moradatpeh areas of Hamedan.

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