New Contract Between Iran and Saudi Arabia to Import Engine Oil

  • Oil:

At the beginning of this article, we want to introduce you to some common terms in lubricants:

1) Lubricant: Lubricant is a fluid engine oil substance that is placed between two parts and reduces the resistance force between the two parts, or in other words, the friction force, and as a result.

reduces the force required to move between the two parts. This will reduce wear or corrosion. Also, lubricants reduce the temperature so that the parts do not burn or wear out due to the operation.

2) Oil: One of the famous lubricants in the industry is oil. Oils depend on the required place, such as: working temperature, working time, working pressure between parts.

work sensitivity, the advancedness of the parts (the distance between the parts, which is called tolerance. The more advanced they are, the smaller the distances are).

the amount of the item. Needs are different where it is used. Different types of engine oils are used in: industries, shipping, trains, cars, all kinds of road construction and agricultural machines, etc.

due to their diversity. which are used everywhere with the amount of adhesion that is called viscosity in mechanics.

3) Viscosity: In a simple definition, viscosity is the amount of stickiness (viscosity) of a liquid and the minimum and maximum temperature that the liquid can tolerate.

  • History of oils:

Oils were first discovered and used around 1650 years before Christ, that is, around 3700 years ago. At first, oils were used to move large stones, statues and materials by rubbing them on timber.

These oils use animal fat such as pig fat, whale fat, cow and sheep leg fat, or palm tree oil. In 1883, after the discovery of oil for the first time and due to the improvement of the process of distillation.

and purification of crude oil, the oil prepared from crude oil replaced natural oils and they were gradually removed from the cycle.

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