Peruvian goldenberry Exports in 2020

TThe golden berry is a species of flowering tree belonging to the berry family (Moraceae), native to southwest Asia. Planting this tree in its native habitat has a long history that it is difficult to accurately identify the natural range of its various species. The golden mulberry tree grows a lot and can grow up to 30 feet (about 9 meters) in height. This tree has a long life and sometimes produces golden berries for several hundred years.In this article we want to talk about peruvian goldenberry. 

Peruvian goldenberry Exports in 2020

Best Peruvian goldenberry Exporters

Best Peruvian goldenberry Exporters	The export of golden berries in Iran is due to the existence of different climates. That is, in terms of taste, the percentage of sweetness and even appearance will be different. Iran is the largest producer of golden berries in the world.

One of the products on which Iran can have a special program is golden berries. Iran has a four-season climate and in both seasons both tropical golden berries and cold golden berries are produced. For example, oranges and watermelons, which are produced in the north and south of the country, can be seen at one time in a fruit shop.

Golden berry is one of the most popular fruits produced in the country. Golden berries even have a special place in ancient Iranian religion.

Golden berries are native to central and eastern China. This tree was brought to Europe centuries ago. In the United States, this tree was used as a food source for silkworms in the early days of the country’s independence.

Of course, a type of berry called red berry has been native to the United States. Old tree berries are usually more than two hundred, three hundred years old in any country. Some mulberry trees produce only male flowers and therefore do not bear fruit.

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Peruvian goldenberry Exports Statistics

Peruvian goldenberry Exports Statistics There are many types of berries, including golden berries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and goji berries, which are very good fruits for the health of the body. Golden berries are one of the most beneficial fruits for maintaining good health. Golden berries can be eaten fresh or dried berries.

Exported types of golden berries: official golden berries, dried Bukhara berries, Yazd dried berries, Birjandi dried berries, dried berries, Formal golden berries are the best type of dried berries in Iran.Most of Iran’s dried berries are exported to Iraq and European countries.

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