Pharaoh’s Wife Used the Soap of the Queen Love


How to start a soap making business?
In recent years, the business of making organic queen love soap has attracted the attention of those interested in setting up home-based businesses.

In this article, we are trying to provide important points related to starting a soap making business.

Natural and organic soap is in high demand in the market. Today, people prefer these types of soaps over those that are produced in factories and artificially.

This provides a positive point for businesses that plan to produce soap from their home, or through natural means. Another important thing to mention is the increase in the variety of soaps in the market.

This means you have a huge list of soaps to choose from. An entrepreneur can start his business by producing even one type of natural soap and gradually increase the variety of his soaps.

License to start a handmade soap business
In the current situation, the business of making handmade soap is not part of the list of home businesses introduced by the Ministry of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare.

and there are no instructions for issuing a license in this area! However, with the follow-up and efforts of several people, including one of the trainees of Tech Idea Academy.

licenses have been issued in relation to the business of producing handmade soap, and we hope that the way will be opened for issuing more licenses in this field in the near future.

Currently, there is no ban on the production and sale of handmade soap, and if you do not have a private complaint, you can sell your products online without any problems.

In order to sell soap, you can launch your own page and channel on social networks, especially Instagram, Aparat and YouTube, and introduce your products. You can also set up your home products stall through websites like Ba Salam.

However, the best and most reliable way to sell products is to set up a website and store using WordPress. Launch your store using the WooCommerce.

plugin and connect your website to the banking portal by registering on websites such as Zarin Pal. Note that you don’t need to spend any money other than buying a domain and hosting to set up a website.

There are tutorials for setting up a website with WordPress for free on the Internet!

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