physalis colombia wholesale Market

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physalis colombia wholesale Market

physalis colombia and producing Countries

physalis colombia and producing CountriesCurrently, in the American continent, the cultivation of cape gooseberry has extended its production both to the highlands of tropical and subtropical countries, as well as to countries of the Caribbean (Fischer and Miranda, 2012). 

Currently, in South America, countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Brazil increase their cultivation area.

The cultivation of Cape gooseberry is a production alternative for the economy of many countries, because it presents good prospects and interest in international markets, which is derived from the nutritional characteristics and medicinal properties of the fruit (Gastelum, 2012). 

The main producers of Physalis worldwide are as follow:

  • Colombia
  • Kenya
  • Zimbabwe
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • India
  • Ecuador

In Colombia, the development of technology has been done, fundamentally, on the empirical knowledge of farmers and research work at Universities and Corpoica. 

Among the main countries that buy this product are:

  • Holland
  • Germany
  • France
  • England
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Canada
  • the United States
  • the United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Brazil (FAO, 2006)

in addition to Russia, Turkey and Japan. 

the main destination countries in order of importance of consumption They are: The Netherlands with 43% of the total, followed by Spain, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy (Altamirano, 2010).

physalis colombia wholesale prices

physalis colombia wholesale priceswhat is physalis fruit? it is an exotic cherry-shaped berry or orange cherry tomato wrapped in its own leaves. It is also known by the name of golden berry, alquequenje, tomatillo or Chinese lantern. 

It is a fruit originating from warm zones of tropical climate in South America, but currently it has begun to be produced in Spain, in the province of Huelva and other warm zones. Physalis is a juicy fruit , between acidic and sweet, with a somewhat astringent pulp and edible seeds. It is usually taken whole or in juices, jellies, jams, mousses or cakes.  you can also find it dehydrated.

The physalis fruit is also known as “cape gooseberry”, “uvilla”, “aguaymanto” or “capulí”. The physalis berry is surrounded by a golden peel called “calyx” and the ripe fruit itself resembles a small tomato. 

how to eat physalis? Physalis is an excellent source of dietary fiber and vitamin C, according to Specialty Produce. Despite its exotic appearance, physalis is very easy to eat.

  1. Remove the outer shell by pulling each sheet individually.
  2. Clean the berry in cold water.
  3. Eat all the fruit or, if you have a larger variety, cut it in half before eating.
  4. Use dishes if you want. The sweet and sour flavor and the meaty texture make the fruit an ideal complement to cakes, jams and salads.

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