physalis UK Suppliers

physalis fruit is very popular in European and American countries due to its unique taste. physalis uk has a lot of fans, and this unique fruit, with its orange-yellow color, is about the size of a jujube. The desire of the Iranian market for special and new fruits, such as avocado, aloe vera, etc., has motivated and motivated producers to produce new fruits: the newest fruit that you can find in the Iranian market is called Physalis, although this The product is produced in many parts of the world in the open air, but its production in Iran, especially in Tehran province, has begun with cultivation in greenhouses.

physalis UK Suppliers

Where Physalis Grows?

Where Physalis Grows?	physalis peruviana is a native plant of temperate and subtropical temperate regions of the world. Physalis is a herbaceous plant that is almost like a cape gooseberry.

Physalis is a native Amazonian tropical fruit found in Africa and Asia. The plants of this fruit grow up to a height of 1 meter and have small velvety creams with a 3-ear cream color. Its fruit is orange-yellow and yellow. Each plant is able to produce 2 or 5 kilos of fruit if stored properly.

Physalis is an orange fruit that is similar in size, shape and structure to a small tomato. Physalis fruit is covered in paper bags that protect the fruit from pests.

physalis fruit in texture is similar to a tomato, and its flavor is a mixture of pineapple and sour fruits such as strawberries. Physalis can be used raw and can also be used in desserts, jams and jellies.

Physalis UK Price from Suppliers

Physalis UK Price from SuppliersThe price of this delicious fruit in the market is announced according to the price of the day.

The suppliers of this product try to market this fruit with the best quality and the most reasonable price.

Among the properties of this fruit, it strengthens the body’s immune system, has anti-cancer, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Another benefit of this fruit is that it has a great effect on the freshness and freshness of the skin and strengthens sexual power.

Vitamin P in it helps the body absorb vitamin C and strengthens the immune system.

B-complex vitamins in this fruit, such as thiamine, are needed for a healthy metabolism of the body, skin, eyes and brain. Pectin is a fiber in this fruit that lowers cholesterol.

Physalis is rich in minerals such as iron, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Physalis fruit is also used in the preparation of cosmetic creams. Consumption of this fruit also has a great effect on the freshness and freshness of the skin.

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