President Falling From the Bamboo Chair in Kerala

If you are looking for a decoration style that represents a free spirit, closeness to nature and being one with the world, the artistic use of bamboo chair in kerala decorative elements of rattan .

has become increasingly popular around the world in recent years and may be suitable for you. There are different ways to use wicker furniture in decoration.

If you want to reflect the modern bohemian style to your home using rattan, we have collected some eye-catching examples of rattan decoration for you.

What is the difference between rattan and bamboo designs?
Wicker designs have a very deep history in decoration. However, it can be said that the modern use of wicker decoration has become popular in recent years. Wicker and bamboo designs.

are often confused with each other. First, let’s get this straight. Wicker is not actually a raw material, it is the name of a weaving technique. In other words.

we call anything that is made by the technique of processing and bending many natural materials such as willow, mat, bamboo while they are still wet, and by shaping in this way, we create an item.

On the other hand, rattan and bamboo are the names of these natural materials. As many of us know, bamboo is a plant with a very unique feature of grass and bamboo wood is often used in furniture making.

On the other hand, mat is a special plant species that grows in tropical regions and was the name given to the furniture produced with this species.

Wicker decoration elements can be produced with bamboo, rattan or other natural materials.

Artistic use of wicker decorative elements in your home
Rattan chair models
Wicker furniture elements provide a very effective look not only outdoors but also in our indoor living spaces. The style of rural and traditional houses.

in which rattan sofas are used in the living room is a very successful example of rattan decoration.

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