Pure Honey Per Kg that Caused a Factory to Catch Fire

Types of natural honey can be considered special and different from each other based on color, taste and smell. In this article, we will mention 12 famous types of honey and the properties of each.
The variety of honeys is different according to the honey that the bee has fed on. Some beekeepers believe that there are two types of honey, either natural or fake.

and classifying pure honey per kg into different types is not correct. But the truth is that each honey has its own characteristics and benefits.

What is honey?
Honey is a sweet liquid made by bees using the nectar of flowers. The flavor and even the color of this liquid is different and depends on the type of flower from which the nectar is harvested.
Natural honey contains large amounts of fructose, glucose and monosaccharides and has approximately 70-80% sugar, which provides its sweetness.

Honey also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Modern medical science has succeeded in finding the uses of honey in chronic wound management and fighting infection.

Honeys are generally divided into two categories: multi-flowered and single flowered. The honeys for which the bees have used a wide variety of plants and no particular nectar is dominant, are called multi plant honeys.

and if one type of flower and plant is more abundant in the area than the other types, it is called that flower and plant. They put it on honey.

Of course, in this type of naming, the predominant nectar is considered, such as citrus honey, which is harvested from citrus orchards, or alfalfa honey, which is harvested from alfalfa fields.

Because it is impossible for bees to use only one type of flower and plant. In the following, we discuss the types of single flower honey that are the most popular in Iran.

1- Thyme honey
Thyme honey can be introduced as one of the most famous honeys among Iranians, which is very energizing and is used to treat respiratory problems, relieve coughs and sore throats, and also treat wounds.

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