The Cows that ate the Most Expensive Dates in the World

A large number of edible products produced in Iran are exported to other parts of the world and due to their favorable quality and special type, they have many fans among the people of the world. Products such as saffron, pistachios and dates.

Although dates are produced in other tropical parts of the world such as North Africa and the Middle East, dates in Iran have their own customers. Retb, Pyaram and Mozafati dates are among the most popular types of Iranian dates in Europe.
People who have agricultural knowledge know well that investing in the date industry brings good income and profit to its investors; Because in addition to the export advantage of dates, the taste of the Iranian people is also very attracted to all kinds of dates, and it is impossible not to find a sign of dates in the dishes of Iranian nuts and snacks.

But what are the investment steps in the date industry and what contracts are needed to do this?

Investment in date industry and its risks
If you have ever invested in something or most expensive dates in the world heard from investors, you know that there is no guarantee of 100% success in any type of investment and you can invest in an industry without any risk. For this reason, we have categorized some of the risks of being in the date industry for you:

A lot of competition: Due to the fact that dates are the best sellers in Iran and abroad, you should know that many people have thought of investing in this industry before you, and many farmers have been working in this industry for years.

so that you can profit in this tight competition. Get yourself, you need to think of new ideas, use experts in this field, plan properly and get advice from others. However, there is nothing to worry about, if you proceed with the right planning, you can make a decent sale.

The risk of crop loss: sometimes agricultural products are lost due to reasons such as drought, frost, or pest, and you may experience losses, but this problem exists for all investments in the agricultural industry, and you must plan for it before it happens.

For example, by predicting a drought, store last year’s products in a suitable space and sell them at a cheaper price next year.

Export problems: Due to the fact that competing countries have invested a lot in the packaging and processing of dates.

you may have problems exporting to different countries, however, you should know that the demand for dates in the world is more than its supply, and there is no need to worry about selling. Be the go to product.

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