The Gigantic Growth of the Red Blood Orange in Pakistan Made Everyone Panic

Blood orange is related to what fruit?
You must have seen this special type of orange that turns red after it is fully ripe.
Many years ago, they red blood orange in pakistan mistakenly thought that blood oranges were obtained from the grafting of pomegranates and oranges. If the orange is obtained as a result of a genetic mutation.
Blood oranges are relatively smaller than normal oranges. It is usually with seeds, but the seedless type of blood orange is more popular.

The cause of blood orange redness

Blood orange is a type of citrus whose fleshy part is the color of blood. The reason for the red flesh of this orange is the presence of pigments called anthocyanins.

This pigment is also found in fruits such as cherries and cherries.
Fruits that contain anthocyanin pigments. They have unique properties and as a strong antioxidant, it fights against dangerous diseases such as cancer.

Properties of blood orange

Blood orange is very useful for the treatment of heart diseases due to its high amount of anthocyanin. Blood oranges contain healing red pigments.

that scientists believe can help treat many medical disorders, including obesity, heart disease, and even colon pain syndrome.

Blood oranges contain large amounts of anthocyanin and the red, purple and blue pigments of this fruit protect the body against many diseases.

Studies show that blood orange juice prevents obesity and those who drink blood orange juice are less prone to cardiovascular attacks than those who use ordinary orange juice.

In a study, among 25 volunteers who ate a hearty breakfast, those who drank blood orange juice were much less exposed to cardiovascular attacks than other people.

Different cultivars of blood orange

Blood orange is a citrus fruit that has many fans due to its many properties. Fortunately, blood oranges are cultivated in our country.
If we want to talk about the different species of this type, we must pay attention to the fact that depending on the transplant base of the seedling, the thickness of their skin.

the number of cores and the color of the mantle will be different. Two types of Moro, Ruby and Tarako are the most famous varieties of blood oranges produced in the country.

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