The Importance of Differentiating the Bathing Soaps Product Among Other Detergent Products is Very High

Soap is a basic product for every home. Soap manufacturers’ products are all the most basic elements of personal hygiene.

The word “soap” in general brings to mind images of ordinary bathroom soaps that we use for washing, but there are other different types of soaps as well.

Soap is a salt of fatty acids. Soaps are not just cleaning materials that we all use for our personal hygiene;

They can be used to clean almost any surface. product differentiation of bathing soaps are classified based on the type of use and the type of surfaces they are used for cleaning.

History of soap:
The soap making industry dates back to about 2800 BC. In the excavations of ancient Babylon, clay cylinders were found that contained soap like substances stuck to their inner walls.

In addition, special writings on these cylinders indicated that ash and fat were boiled together to make soap.

In ancient Roman legends, the word soap is derived from Mount Sapo, which was a sacred and ancient place where animals were sacrificed.

The fat and ashes of animals were washed by the rain and accumulated on the banks of the Tibetan rivers. Later, the women who wash clothes there find that if they wash clothes in that particular place, the clothes become cleaner. So, for the first time, it was there that the use of soap appeared.

In the 7th century, the soap making industry first started in Italy and Spain. At that time, goat fat and beech tree ash were used to make soap. Over time, the use of soap in washing became more widespread.

The English started making soap from the 12th century. The use of soap in England reached its peak during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

Later, when the concept of bathing and hygiene became fully popular, beauty soaps were also warmly welcomed. Nowadays, we cannot imagine any kind of cleaning, be it personal cleaning or house cleaning, without soap.

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