The Panera Bread Cookie Famine has Everyone Worried

Biscotti: Biscotti literally means double panera bread cookies This Italian cookie was similar to a sweet cracker due to its low moisture content that could last for months.

so it was originally prepared for sailors who went on long sea voyages.

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Chocolate chip cookie: Chocolate chip cookie is one of America’s most popular sweets that was first created in the state of Massachusetts by a university professor and nutritionist named Ruth Graves Wakefield.

Fortune Cookies: Fortune cookie is a crispy and cute cookie with a special and different shape. The reason why this cookie is called luck candy is because in the past.

they used to fill them with small pieces of paper containing lucky writings such as hopeful, wise or future prediction sentences and words. Even today, these sweets are popular.

You can prepare this cute sweet for various occasions such as wedding anniversary, Valentine’s day or birthday of your loved ones and with the aim of surprising them with romantic and loving words.

Lady Finger: Lady Finger is an oval finger cookie or biscuit that was invented in France in 1100 AD and has become popular all over the world today. Lady finger crumbs can be used to decorate various desserts such as tiramisu.

Macaroons: Macaroons are soft and round cookies with a crispy outer layer made from egg whites. Macaroni dates back to 1792 in a monastery in Italy.

Coconut is the most common flavor for Italian macarons, but these macarons can also be found in other flavors such as chocolate and almond. (Note: This type of macaron or French macaron is different.)

Peanut Butter Cookies: Peanut butter cookies are another type of cookie whose main ingredient is peanut butter. This cookie originated in Canada in the 19th century.

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