The Price of Raw Leather in Bangladesh in Australia

Certainly, distinguishing raw leather in bangladesh from artificial leather is not an easy task. Most of the people ask the seller while buying to ensure the quality.

of their product, for example, is this bag made of natural leather or not? Because the buyer is looking for quality. The fact that natural leather is durable.

beautiful and high-quality is a clear issue, and it is clear to people in the society that natural leather has a much higher value than artificial leather.

Although the artificial leather industry has changed a lot compared to the past, it is still comparable to leather. It is not natural, but it is still difficult for the buyer to distinguish natural leather from artificial leather.

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What is natural leather?
Direct natural leather is produced by tanning method to prepare and polish the raw skin of animals such as goat, cow and sheep. Due to the perishability of animal skins.

they are sent to the tannery to make strong and flexible leather. Tanning is done in both physical and chemical ways using plant materials.

This work is done in such a way that it does not change the main characteristics of the leather, and it is done only in terms of the outer surface to resist the penetration of material decomposers for strengthening.

natural leather

What is synthetic leather?
Synthetic leather is produced directly from polymer materials called PVC and PU and it is produced in two ways, wet and dry.

Each of the methods needs its own special conditions for production. Nowadays, the production and use of artificial leather is widely used due to the high price of natural leather and ethical issues.

which are the observance of animal rights.

Artificial leather

The difference between natural leather and artificial leather
Having a product ID card
The first characteristic of the difference between natural leather and artificial leather is having a product certificate. Products made of genuine.

leather have their own mark. As a buyer, you can ask the seller for the identity card of your leather product when buying.

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