The Price of Washing Powder 1 kg in Iran

How to wash our clothes?

Cleanliness and having clean and neat clothes is one of the daily preoccupations of every person.
Because having a well groomed appearance can have a great impact on self confidence, the type of communication and the behavior of others.
Washing clothes may seem simple and easy at first glance, but 1 kg detergent powder clothes, like any other work, requires having a series of information and following a series of rules.

What we need to do is to know tips and information about the type of clothing, the correct way to wash it, etc. Usually, this information can be accessed from the clothing label.

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Washing clothes by hand
Therefore, before you wash the clothes, pay attention to the label and the information written on it. Before doing anything, separate the clothes that should be washed by hand. The old washing method should be washed by hand. Washing.

Clothes by hand also need to have information to prevent damage to the clothes. The best thing to do at this time is to dissolve the washing liquid and powder in water first and avoid pouring the powder directly on the clothes. Comfort does not dissolve in the fabric of clothes and after drying it can be seen as a powder or white spot on the clothes.
The common mistake of washing clothes is to grab the clothes too much by hand. Besides removing the fabric, this does nothing to dissolve the stain on the clothes, and in fact, it causes more damage to the fabric. penetrate

Washing clothes with a washing machine
In order to wash clothes with a washing machine, we must know how to wash them without damaging the clothes. Having information about the material, how to wash the color, etc.

the amount and type of detergent are the most important points that should be considered when washing clothes with a washing machine. If they are not followed, the clothes may be damaged.

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