The Red Creeping Thyme that Brought a Child Back to Life in South America

Creeping red creeping thyme with the Latin name Thymus serpyllum is a fragrant and very eye catching plant that, in addition to its beauty.

repels harmful insects in your garden. The time to plant this valuable plant is in the spring after the cold is over and after about 90 days the growth period of this plant is complete.

In addition to creeping thyme seeds, there are Shirazi or broadleaf thyme seeds, garden thyme, Australian thyme, and mountain thyme. Read articles related to planting thyme, such as planting thyme in pots.

The best way to plant creeping thyme seeds:
The seeds of creeping thyme are very small, so it is better not to touch them. Use a glass or tweezers or the edge of a knife or spoon or anything you can think of to sprinkle the seeds.

The suitable substrate should be soil free from viruses and fungal diseases, so it is better to use peat moss or vermicompost.

Choose a pot or planting tray or even a disposable glass, pour the desired soil into it, then water the soil well, then sprinkle the seeds on the substrate without interfering with your hands.

Spray the soil, be careful to spray the water. With the intensity of the sprayed water, the seeds roll into the soil along with the water because they are small.

If you don’t want to use this method, just sprinkle a small amount of soil on the seeds as a thin layer. Then cover the cultivation bed or the pot with plastic that allows light to penetrate through it .

(the freezer plastic is drawn with a rubber band on your pot or disposable cup or the growing tray you have allocated) and make a few holes in the plastic so that the water drops on the top Do not collect plastic.

Put the cultivation bed in a bright place where the temperature is between 20 and 30. Like behind a skylight window. Check from time to time that the humidity has not decreased.

if it is low, spray water again. After seven days, the first sprouts can be seen. Of course, depending on the germination period of a plant, it may take a week to three months.

and the most important thing is to be careful not to plant the seeds too deep so that they suffocate and do not turn green.

Important suggestion:

Dear friends of Fardin Kasht Collection, it is recommended to use the Jiffy Pellet pot available in the website store as a small home greenhouse in order to get better results from the germination of the purchased seeds.

Suitable temperature for creeping thyme seed germination: 21 degrees Celsius

Planting distance between plants: 15 to 20 cm

The distance between planting rows: 30 to 45 cm

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